We provide leadership and inspire long-term local philanthropy to ensure the diversity and vitality of the greater Missoula community.
Ripple Rapple FundraiserBe a part of our first ever Ripple Rapple— the p’s are for “promoting philanthropy”! By purchasing one or more $25 ticket, you are benefiting 5 local nonprofits and have a chance of selecting your favorite as a winner! Find out more here >>

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News and Events

  • Decorate a Lantern and walk in the Festival of the Dead Parade with us.

    Celebrate Missoula’s Festival of the Dead by carrying a lantern that memorializes a loved one or honors a Missoula non-profit organization. Community members are invited to decorate a lantern at this family-friendly and FREE event. The Missoula Community Foundation will provide lanterns and the art supplies to decorate them. Feel free to bring photos and ... October 17th, 2016
  • Meet the Newest Investors in Your Community: Martin and Kathy McAllister

    The newest investors in our community, Martin and Kathy McAllister, moved to Missoula in 1996 from Duluth, Minnesota, and immediately set to work making a positive impact. Kathy served as the Deputy Regional Forester for the Northern Region for the U.S. Forest Service until her retirement in 2008, and Martin runs a Missoula-based firm that ... October 13th, 2016
  • Your Legacy: Family, Church and Charity

    Are there people and organizations in your life that you care about and want to help sustain financially? If there are people or causes you care about, we can help you uncover ways to enrich their futures and unleash your generosity. Join us for this complimentary presentation hosted by the Missoula Community Foundation with guest speakers ... October 6th, 2016
  • Meet Nikki Robb-New Program Associate

    We're pleased to introduce you to our newest staff member, Program Associate Nikki Robb. Nikki will support our fundraising, outreach, and marketing efforts. Q: What brought you to Missoula? A: I am actually from Missoula. Well, my parents moved me here in the 4th grade. I stayed here until age 23 when I decided to leave town ... August 30th, 2016
  • Ripple Rapple Tickets on Sale Now!

    You've heard of the Ripple Effect, right? A situation in which one event causes a series of other events to happen. But have you heard of the Ripple Rapple? It's a fundraiser in which one ticket purchase causes donations to many Missoula non-profits to happen! That explains "ripple", but what's a "rapple"? A rapple is like a ... August 29th, 2016