Giving for Businesses

We recognize that it truly takes a village to create our place, which we think is really special. Problems are not solved, community assets are not saved, and community gems are not created alone, it takes a collaborative effort. Businesses play such an essential role in all of these things. There are so many ways to give back and we want to help. Learn more about company donor advised funds and the Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

Open a Company Donor Advised Fund

Your company believes in giving back to the community, but often you are overloaded with requests, the administration is burdensome, and managing staff involvement is hard. We can help. Opening a corporate donor advised fund with us cuts down on your administrative time, allows for better employee engagement, and provides assistance in aligning your values with impact in the community.

It is easy to create a fund, it is tax-deductible and there are no startup cost!
  1. Create a fund by making a tax deductible donation
  2. Give the fund a name, ex (ACME Give Good Fund, or ACME Cares Fund)
  3. We work to develop a grant making strategy with you.
  4. We can customize services, for strategy and vision development, grant application development, review criteria, and much more.
  5. You recommend grants and we take care of everything else, check issuing, charity due diligence, report etc.

Advantages of a Company Donor Advised Fund:
  • Get back your administrative time.
  • Be intentional in your giving, having value aligned impact.
  • Engage your employees in a meaningful way.
  • We maintain records of everything so you don’t have to.
  • Montana Endowment Tax Credit
    • A business can make a direct gift to a permanent endowment in Montana and get a 20% State Tax Credit up to $10,000 dollars. Learn more!

Want to further our work in the Community? Consider being part of our Catalyst Corner.