Inspiring collaborative giving to strengthen our community.


A community where all gifts have value, all donors have a voice and all Missoula County benefits.



We believe that a community, working together, can achieve great things.


We promote equity through collaboration, consensus-building, and creating an environment where all are welcome.


We create opportunity by supporting projects and organizations that empower people.


Women’s Giving Circle

First meeting of the Women’s Giving Circle on June 14, 2018, Photo by John Walker

The Women’s Giving Circle is a diverse, dynamic and generous group of women engaged in an exciting venture of strategic philanthropy. This is a program by the Missoula Community Foundation in partnership with the Women’s Foundation of Montana, this year we will collectively pool the resources of local women to leverage their modest gifts to grant another $10,000 for worthy local organizations! The Circle is run by its members, and they will vote on who receives funding.

How to become a member?

Membership is easy. We require a minimum donation of $120 and have a tiered membership to allow for socio-economic diversity. You can become a member today by donating on the form below (click here)  This simple donation will make you a member of the Women’s Giving Circle of Missoula County, allowing you to focus our giving areas each grant cycle and vote for grantees in the year you donate.

Plus, you will get to:

– Find your community of philanthropic sisters.
– Work together with them to invest big dollars for big change.
– Learn how to be a more intentional and impactful giver. 
– Change the world and have fun while you do it! 



Frequently Asked Questions

Become a Member Today!


Are you ready to make a big impact on your community with other like-minded women? You can become a member by making a secure online donation by filling out the form below.  Thanks!

If you would prefer to join via check, please make it out to Missoula Community Foundation and add “Women’s Giving Circle” to the memo line. You may mail the check to P.O. Box 8806, Missoula, MT 59807. Contact Nikki Robb at nikki@missoulacommunityfoundation.org or (406) 926-2846 for assistance.