Missoula Project for Nonprofit Excellence Capacity Building Grant

Missoula- The City


We offer capacity-building grants that help nonprofits engage leadership and staff to create a clear vision for the internal organizational work they need to accomplish to further their mission. The grant provides an organizational assessment and funding for one major capacity-building project identified through the assessment.

2020 Cohort:

West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation

Missoula Writing Collaborative

Community Food and Agriculture Coalition

We are currently working to improve the experience for grantees and will be back in the Spring of 2021.

  • Roxy Theater

    Roxy Theater

    “At first I thought, can’t we just get a grant to buy something? That’s what we really want to do! But when we got into the MPNE process, it was clear this was exactly what we needed to do: take stock with our board and staff and hone the vision for our organization.”

    Mike Steinberg, 2014 MPNE participant
    Executive Director
    Roxy Theater
  • EmpowerMT


    “That assessment piece, that first step, is such an amazing piece of data that you just really can’t get anywhere else. Nobody is giving grants like this. You would never be able to afford to hire a consultant to come in and look at your organization in this way. We would never be able to devote resources to that.”

    Jesse Jaeger, 2015 MPNE participant
    Director of Development & Advocacy Poverello Center, Board Member Home Resource & Former Director of Operations Empower Montana
  • Poverello Center

    Poverello Center

    “MPNE makes your organization stronger. And it helps you grow in a way that will impact your sustainability in the future… That investment of time and effort in the infrastructure building activities that you get from this process you really can’t get anywhere else.”

    Eran Fowler Pehan, 2014 MPNE participant
    Former Executive Director of the Poverello Center, current Director of the Office of Housing and Community Development
  • Missoula Urban Demonstration Project

    Missoula Urban Demonstration Project

    Without (MPNE), we wouldn’t have been able to write a strategic plan that really puts our tool library at the heart of our programs…”

    Ellie Costello, 2015 grant participant
    Former Executive Director