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Fiscal Sponsorship Program: The Innovation Engine

Do you have an idea for a project that benefits Missoula? Our Innovation Engine can bring your vision to life!

What’s a Fiscal Sponsorship?

We support innovative ideas and fledgling organizations through fiscal sponsorship. If your organization is applying for nonprofit status, or if you want to implement a short-term project that benefits our community, we can facilitate the development and growth of your charitable activities. Fiscal sponsors are nonprofits that enable the movement of resources from funders and donors to projects, activities, ideas, and organizations that share the fiscal sponsor’s mission. Some of the most effective and innovative projects are often initiated at a grassroots community level. Many of these projects are catalyzed by an individual or sponsored by a neighborhood organization and are too small or too new to have their charitable status recognized by the IRS. 

Why apply for Fiscal Sponsorship?

Being fiscally sponsored is extremely cost-effective, an important consideration for organizations that are just emerging, testing new approaches to difficult problems, run entirely by volunteers, or working in issue areas where funding is scarce. In an environment where funding for all nonprofits is on the decline, it is important for emerging organizations not to compete with other organizations for limited funds. Fiscal sponsorship is an efficient, economic way to reduce the cost of running an organization and still maintain the integrity of the organization’s purpose. Other reason:

  • You can collect charitable donations without needing a 501(c)(3) tax exemption.
  • You can spend more time on program work and less time on financial oversight.
  • You can get marketing support and visibility from a trusted community resource.

  • Tell Us Something

    Tell Us Something

    “Missoula Community Foundation has made a huge difference in the way Tell Us Something has made decisions during our infancy. Meredith’s guidance and council when I had questions was tremendous and she taught me everything I know about fundraising and philanthropy. Thank you Missoula Community Foundation!”

    Marc Moss
    Executive Director
  • Climate Smart Missoula

    Climate Smart Missoula

    “Missoula Community Foundation was integral to the launch of Climate Smart Missoula in so many ways. By partnering with the Foundation, we were eligible for a national grant that both brought funding to our community and allowed us to raise matching funds in our community.  By providing an initial ‘home’ for this local climate initiative, we’ve had sound business and institutional support, allowing us to focus on making positive change. And Meredith and her team are super enjoyable to work with!”

    Amy Cilimburg
    Executive Director
  • Lake Missoula Old Time

    Lake Missoula Old Time

    Working with MCF has been supremely beneficial to us at Lake Missoula Old Time. They are affable, efficient, organized, and an amazing resource for our community. Their professionalism and knowledge as our fiscal sponsor have helped guide us in the management of our organization. MCF provides the necessary support to enable us to do what we do best, bringing southern old time music and dance to western Montana.

    Brian Herbal
  • Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 5.55.28 AM

    Missoula Community Foundation is a gift to our community. As our fiscal sponsor, MCF helped support, share expertise, and champion WMCI/Open AIR as we worked to establish our non-profit. Our organization is now stronger and healthier thanks to this partnership. It has been a pleasure to work with them and we are lucky to have them as part of our community!