Missoula Community Foundation Framework


In 2019, the staff and board of the Missoula Community Foundation decided to look inward and think about how the organization could be more impactful, do a better job of growing philanthropy in our community, and create a more sustainable operating model for us moving forward.

We conducted research on community philanthropy, growing endowments, and community foundation operations. We did a scan of our community and the existing research. We held stakeholder interviews across the community and interviewed our board and staff. 

We have launched the Missoula Community Foundation 2.0. Find out more by clicking the link below:

Strategic Framework 2020


Empowered by all we learned in 2019, we identified several areas that will allow us to focus on need, opportunity, and impact.

Education: Education is a gateway to an improved future. We want to improve access to lifelong education, focusing on K-12, secondary education, and opportunities for nonprofits. Education is an integral part of the Missoula Community Foundation’s work.

Through our Missoula Project for Nonprofit Excellence (MPNE) program, we have helped identify capacity-building projects and funded work to enable area nonprofits to more effectively deliver on their mission. This work is often an overlooked funding area that supports the vital nonprofit infrastructure in our community.

Moving forward, we will expand our expertise to be a resource for donors to maximize their giving impact and to nonprofits to increase their planned giving.

Arts and Culture: Missoula is what some people call a ‘city town’. Small enough to see your neighbors at the grocery store, but big enough to offer significant opportunities in arts and culture. As we grow there is a concern that we lose these things that make our community special.   We want to enhance appreciation of the arts and participation in cultural experiences.

Missoula Community Foundation has long supported the arts and culture in the Missoula community. We have several organizations that we fiscally sponsor: Open A.I.R., Tell Us Something, Preserve Historic Missoula, and Lake Missoula Old Time. We have also had organizations such as ARTS Missoula, The Roxy, and other entities participate in our Missoula Project for Nonprofit Excellence.

Moving forward we will continue to do this work, but will look to build funds and initiatives driven by donors and community needs.

Community Care: We care for our community and so do many of the people that live here.  We want to create funds that reflect the generosity and care that is evident in this place we call home. Several of the areas that were identified in our research and stakeholder interviews were affordable housing, mental health, addiction, and aging.

Donors may be passionate about affordable housing, aging populations, or public spaces. In that case, we may want to create a fund for:

  • One time fund for individuals in crisis
  • Addressing aging in place
  • Public space projects

As we grow we want to serve our donors and address our challenges as a community. As our values state, we want to be Community Driven.