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Welcome to The Hive
With your generous donation, you are joining an exceptional group of people we call The Hive. The Hive consists of monthly donors, like you, and legacy donors, who have remembered us in their estate plan.

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Why is it called the Hive?
You may have noticed the bee in our logo. We chose it to symbolize our role as pollinators of community growth. In keeping with this metaphor, we started The Hive as a place to sustain and nurture people like you, who are working hard to make Missoula a vibrant place to live—now, and in the future.

As a monthly donor, your contributions provide a steady source of funding for our programs, allowing us to more effectively forecast decisions such as:

  • how much and how many capacity-building grants we can give away
  • how many scholarships we can award to local students
  • how much we can invest in fledgling nonprofits
  • how many community infrastructure programs we can support

Your gifts help build a stronger, healthier Missoula, and your participation means a great deal to us. As a token of our appreciation, we offer the following benefits:

  • Locally- and organically-sourced beeswax lip balm from Wüstner Brothers.
  • Wildflower seed packet
  • Sticky notes to record your brilliant thoughts
  • Bi-annual updates from our executive director
  • Invitations to special events, exclusive to Hive members

We appreciate your support