Missoula Forever Fund

Image by Jamie TiptonWhat dreams do you have for Missoula? Sustainable economic development? More open space? Affordable housing? Whatever your dream, the goal of the Missoula Forever Fund is to help turn it into reality.

No one can say for sure what Missoula’s future holds, but with your help, we can strengthen the groups that protect our natural resources, care for the impoverished, advocate for justice, foster innovation, and more.

The Missoula Forever Fund is a savings account for our community dreams. It will help sustain our community as it evolves to handle changing demographics, issues, and trends.

Currently, the Missoula Forever Fund contains about $230,000. This allows us to distribute about $8000 per year in small grants. Amounts range between $500 and $2,500  to help nonprofits with operational support and with discrete projects, like capital campaigns; and also for community beautification initiatives.

Our goal is to grow the Fund to $500,000 by December 2020 so that we can expand the capacity of our annual grantmaking to provide more and larger grants to the organizations and changemakers that care for our town.

Missoula Forever Fund Grants by Year

Missoula Forever Fund Grants by Interest Area