Giving in Memory

Photo by Joanne MacIsaac

The Missoula Community Foundation wants to honor the legacy of Missoulians we have lost.

The logistics after someone dies can be overwhelming. Families often do not have the time or the space to reflect on how they want to honor a loved one.

We want to help in these difficult times.

Our staff will set up personalized memorial pages where individuals can securely donate online. Families do not have to immediately decide where donations will be dedicated. When they are ready, they can choose the organization that best honors their loved one. If they are unsure, our staff will help find a nonprofit that matches the interests and passions of the individual who passed. In the meantime, the funds will be safely kept with the Missoula Community Foundation.

Pages can be set up in as little as two hours. All donations are tax deductible; however, all funds must go to a Missoula area nonprofit organization. Missoula Community Foundation cannot set up accounts to fund medical bills or education scholarships. With each donation there is a small online processing fee in addition to a small administration fee that will go to the Missoula Community Foundation to continue this service for families in the future.  

This is one small way the Missoula Community Foundation can honor the lives of our community members, help those in their times of grief, and support nonprofit organizations in our community.  

To set up a page for a loved one or as part of your own legacy planning preparations, contact Nikki Robb at (406) 926-2846 or