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The Circle of Good is the Missoula Community Foundation’s core group of donors. It is comprised of a group of like-minded individuals who support the mission of the Foundation with an annual gift of $5,000 or more.

The Circle of Good is for those that believe in the unique role a community foundation can play in the Missoula region. The circle allows our donors to pool their resources and create the maximum amount of impact. When you give to the Circle of Good, you multiply the impact of your gift because you are providing important and many times critical assistance to area non-profits.


Why Join the Circle of Good?

With so many worthy causes in your local community, where do you start? Consider joining the Circle of Good at the Missoula Community Foundation. The Missoula Community Foundation, through research, has chosen to focus on three areas where they have identified need and see an opportunity to have an impact; arts and culture, education, and community care. We help your gift make an impact where it is needed most by performing the important due diligence in our grantmaking.

What are the Core Programs of the Circle of Good?

Small Grant Fund grants will be offered once a year and will focus funding in three buckets; Arts and Culture, Education, and Community Care. A nonprofit can apply once per year with a maximum grant request of $4,000.

The Endowment Match Program is a program that helps endowments established at the community foundation grow, we provide a 2 to 1 match that encourages endowment growth. These funds are managed in our endowed pool of funds and transferred when the fund reaches its required match. These programs help build future funds for whatever Missoula’s needs might be.

Missoula Gives, a 26-hour day of giving that has over 160 nonprofits participating. We have collectively raised 2.5 millions dollars-since its inception. This event helps nonprofits raise much needed unrestricted funding, provides an easy to use platform to engage board and volunteers in fundraising, and really celebrates everything Missoula. The day is fun and filled with prizes that are awarded before and during the day to incentivize giving.

Discretionary Fund provides rapid response emergency funds to meet unexpected needs in our community. Grants will be awarded to meet the emergency needs of area nonprofits

How to Join the Circle of Good?

Circle of Good donors contribute an annual gift of $5,000 or more to the Missoula Community Foundation.

Gifts can be made by:

  • Check, ACH or Credit Card  
  • Donor Advised Funds/Private Foundations
  • Gifts of Appreciated Stock
  • Distributions from your IRA if you are 72 

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