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Missoula Community Foundation Grant Fund

The Missoula Community Foundation Small Grant Endowments Allows us the most flexibility to respond to needs in a given year.  As the fund grows so will the impact, this fund gives us the flexibility to address changing community needs long into the future.

This is a great way to leave a legacy for Missoula. Missoula is where our friends and family live, where we celebrate special occasions and mark painful ones. It is where we grow, recreate, and find our passion. A gift to this fund allows you to leave a legacy for future generous

As the endowment grows, the Missoula Community Foundation can provide more and larger grants to the causes that matter for our town. A planned gift to this fund qualifies for Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

LoLA Fund

The Legacy of Living Art (LoLA) Field of Interest Fund supports projects that use the arts to nurture and support healing. LoLA grants are awarded yearly to artists and organizations that seek to engage creativity for the benefits of wellness and wellbeing. Proposed projects should have outcomes that provide opportunities for things like: creative expression, respite, social interaction and enhancement of the human spirit.

The LoLA advisory committee is appointed by the Missoula Community Foundation Board of Directors and is comprised of former Living Art advocates, board and staff who will vote on which projects receive funding. They are passionate about seeing the healing power of art and human connection continue in the Missoula community in new and thoughtful ways.
The number of grants and amounts awarded each year will depend on the quantity and quality of the applications in a given grant cycle. A minimum of one grant will be awarded each cycle with the opportunity for multiple grants if there are a significant number of projects submitted in a cycle.

Brian Weiss Memorial Fund

The focus of the Brian Weiss Memorial Fund is to benefit certain qualified charitable organizations and
individuals that provide effective and innovative solutions that focus on helping teens access tutoring,
counseling, and career options that enrich their feelings of self-worth and increase their chances at
success in the world. All kids should have access to the tools they need to feel worthy and
successful, and we can remove some of the financial barriers and social stigmas that prevent them from
getting the help they need. While assisting these kids with resources, we will also encourage them to
engage in future actions of service to other students, giving back what was given to them and helping to foster a positive experience amongst teens of different ages and backgrounds in Missoula.


Do you want to help Missoula High School students achieve a secondary education? Did someone help you with college? Statistics shows that children are more likely to finish school when they have financial help. We give out 5 scholarships annually to a graduating senior at Big Sky, Sentinel, Hellgate, Frenchtown, and Seeley-Swan high schools (Willard students should use their attached affiliate school).

The purpose of the scholarship is to assist students based on community involvement, character, aptitude, academic interest, and financial need who will be attending post-secondary school in Montana. This allows us to enhance students’ career prospects and encourage talented young people to become engaged members of their communities. A planned gift to this fund qualifies for Montana Endowment Tax Credit.


The Women’s Giving Circle of Missoula County

The Women’s Giving Circle of Missoula County empowers women and non-binary people to be leaders in philanthropy and inspires collaborative giving to create positive change in our community. Every member, whether they give $10 per month or $1,000, has the opportunity to learn about community needs, hear how nonprofit organizations address those needs, and make decisions on how to give collective funds for maximum community impact. Our voices, too often muted in traditional philanthropy, are amplified by working together, so we can invest collective dollars for change.

The Giving Circle is a program of the Missoula Community Foundation but the membership maintains its own website. For more information or to become a member of the giving circle, click the button below to be redirected to the WGC website.


Tell Us Something

Tell Us Something brings real people’s real stories to life. Everyday people have a chance to be heard because of Tell Us Something. For the past ten years, Tell Us Something has hosted storytelling events in Missoula, MT and have expanded into Western Montana in Helena and Butte. There is a podcast and a YouTube channel for people to catch the stories that they’ve missed, get to know the storytellers better and get to know the Missoula community better. Storytellers are paid, as are the American Sign Language interpreters who interpret the stories for the Deaf community.

Your generous donation helps keep this labor of love going. Thank you so much for your support.

Lake Missoula Old Time

The mission of Lake Missoula Old Time (LMOT) is to build community through support and promotion of southern old time music and dance. LMOT organizes and provides music and square dance calling workshops, community dances, concerts, and a signature annual event, the Missoula Old Time Social.Lake 

Preserve Historic Missoula

The mission of Preserve Historic Missoula is to educate the citizens of Missoula and Western Montana in the appreciation of the educational, historical, architectural, scientific, and aesthetic significance of their environmental heritage, including historic sites, buildings, structures, objects, and districts and prehistoric sites.