Why Give?

tire_swing“Missoula is such a great place to live!” We hear that all the time. We have three beautiful rivers running through and around us; skiing, hiking, and bike paths; a vibrant local arts community; The University of Montana; thriving businesses; good governance; good eating; a farmer’s market; and a hand-carved carousel. A huge wilderness area is just a twenty-minute drive away, and the Rattlesnake wilderness, the closest to an urban area in the United States, is just two miles from our vital downtown.

And yet, we have challenges. Among them are rapid growth, urgent transportation issues, closing mills, pressures as we transition from traditional economies to the economy of the “New West,” expensive housing and low wages, and spiraling health-care costs.

How do we hold on to the best of our community and make it even better? What do you love most about Missoula, and how can you help support it, expand it, improve it? We invite you to partner with us For THE GOOD OF MISSOULA FOREVER.

  • We are a local organization with deep community roots
  • Our board and staff have broad knowledge of community issues and needs
  • We provide highly personalized service to donors
  • We help people invest in the causes they care about most
  • We can accept a wide variety of assets and can facilitate the most complex forms of giving
  • We partner with professional advisors to create highly effective approaches to charitable giving
  • We leverage gifts by pooling them with other gifts and grants
  • We build permanent endowment funds that benefit the community forever and create personal legacies
  • We are committed to coordinating resources to create positive change