The Women’s Giving Circle of Missoula County focusing on Indigenous Issues in 2022, Grant Cycle opens September 1

MISSOULA – The Women’s Giving Circle of Missoula County (WGC) is pleased to invite all non-profit organizations addressing indigenous issues in our community to apply for its 2022 grant award, worth $10,000. Applications will be accepted from September 1st through October 10th, 2021, with the winner announced in mid-December.

Each grant cycle, WGC members vote to determine what critical need they want to focus on.
There was strong interest this year from members to add Indigenous Issues specifically to their list of potential grant focus areas to honor the native peoples and traditions in our community and recognize that we are living in the aboriginal territories of the Salish, Kootenai, and Kalispel people.

“Since its inception in 2018, we’ve given a total of $40,000 to five different organizations dealing with racial/social justice, COVID-19 relief, environmental concerns, as well as the needs of women and children,” said steering committee chair Dawn Payne. “This year we are looking forward to learning about and supporting the efforts of deserving
organizations that are working to come up with creative, effective solutions to issues that
affect our indigenous communities.”

Requests for the 2022 grant should clearly demonstrate how funds will be used to address issues indigenous people face. The WGC evaluates applicants on the Circle’s core values: community, equity, and opportunity. Three finalists will be chosen from the initial pool of applicants, and the winner will be selected after a presentation to the Circle. New this year: The Women’s Giving Circle will provide the full grant amount to the organization that its members select, and provide the other two finalists with $1,000 each. For more information or to apply for the grant, visit

The Women’s Giving Circle of Missoula County, a program of the Missoula Community Foundation, has grown to include nearly 100 women and non-binary philanthropists of all ages and backgrounds who pool their resources and collaborate to support the community. Membership dues start at $120/year ($60 for students), and while many members contribute more than that, all members get an equal vote and the satisfaction of knowing that they are part of a larger community effort that works to improve the life of Missoula area residents. They leverage their resources while at the same time gaining opportunities to learn about community needs and the organizations addressing them. We give together, we decide together, we benefit together.

It’s not too late to join the circle and vote for this year’s grant winner! Interested Missoula area women and non-binary people are encouraged to become members today by donating online at