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Ripple Rapple Fundraiser
You’ve heard of the Ripple Effect, right? A situation in which one event causes a series of other events to happen. But have you heard of the Ripple Rapple? It’s a fundraiser in which one ticket purchase causes donations to many Missoula non-profits to happen!

That explains “ripple”, but what’s a “rapple”?
A rapple is like a raffle, but the “p”s are for “promoting philanthropy”.

Here’s how it works:
1. Buy one ticket for $25, or five for $100. 60% of the ticket cost supports the Missoula Community Foundation. The other 40% will be divided among up to four lucky local nonprofits.
2. Choose your favorite nonprofit to receive a portion of the Rapple prize money. The more people who select your favorite organization as their favorite, the more chances that nonprofit has to win.
3. Pat yourself on the back. You just started a ripple of philanthropy!
We”ll announce the winners at a fun and unique drawing. Stay tuned for more event details.

Purchase Your Rapple Ticket Now!


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