Professional Service Providers

Your Giving Partner

Clients rely on you and  your expertise in making significant financial/life decisions. We serve as the community’s resource for charitable giving. We partner with attorneys, financial planners, real estate professionals, and philanthropic advisors who are dedicated to carrying out their clients’ charitable goals while helping to build assets in the Missoula region.

Give your clients more value. We can help you add value to your clients  planning process by giving you tools that will support and enhance  their tax planning needs and philanthropic goals. 

We have the capacity to accept non cash assets and have a variety of fund types. We accept many non-cash assets to establish charitable gifts and funds. We also offer a variety of funds, including donor-advised funds, designated funds and field-of-interest funds. Moreover, we give your clients several investment options (including maintaining existing financial advisor relationships), over which we provide financial stewardship. 

We help your clients create legacies.We have our fingers on the pulse  of the nonprofit community in Missoula; our staff members have deep expertise and knowledge of the priorities and emerging trends in Missoula. We help ensure that your clients’ values, passions and interests are honored, even as trends and needs change over time.

As your giving partner, we can customize strategies for your client’s needs. We work with you to develop a giving approach that matches your clients’ interests and addresses their tax-planning needs.  We can create plans and look at alternatives to find  the best match for your clients. We can help clients avoid capital gains andtake advantage of the Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

We offer Anonymity. We can establish a fund, accept a gift or make a grant in a way that will protect your clients privacy.

Tips for a successful conversation:

Think about the giving of assets before a sale of assets to avoid capital gains tax and increase your clients philanthropic impact.

A planned gift to a permanent endowment could net your client a 40% state tax credit and create a long term legacy for Missoula. See Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

Your client wants to leave a portion of their estate to several nonprofits, but is having a hard time deciding who and how much. Having a deferred fund agreement with us will allow them to easily do this and make changes as their interest and passion changes with no cost.