What a Nebraska Town Can Teach Us About Giving


Shickley Community Foundation Fund supports the preschool program by providing funding for playground equipment and other needs. Photo credit: Bobbi and Steve Olson

Shickley, Nebraska, isn’t so very different from Missoula. The people living there have big ideas, big hearts, and big dreams for their future. They invest their time and money in parks, the school, a wellness center, and more. All of these amenities are made possible largely through an unrestricted endowment put into place by the Shickley Community Foundation. With a population of only 341 people, the fund started small. Fifteen years later, it holds nearly $2 million in endowed assets, and its granting capacity has reached

$60,000 and will only grow.

Shickley is an inspiration—a model of what can be accomplished when community members come together to give back to the place they love. A town of 341 residents with an endowment of nearly $2 million! Imagine what we, a community of 116,000, could do?

The Missoula Community Foundation is starting a special campaign to build an endowment for our community, one that will help meet the needs of our town as we grow. In the next couple weeks we will send out information about how you can support the Missoula Forever Fund, our community’s endowment.

Just like Shickley, we have big ideas, big hearts, and big dreams for our future. Together we can make those dreams come true! Stay tuned to learn how.

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