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A donor making an online donation during Missoula Gives 2018 at the Plonk Donor Lounge.

Photo by Ali Solomon

Give to Missoula

Missoula Community Foundation offers many opportunities to give back to our community:

  • Your investment in the Missoula Community Foundation is an investment in the people, programs, and nonprofits that make Missoula a vibrant place to live! We are a small but mighty staff, working to make big change in our community. Your donation pays our salaries, covers office expenses, printing, computers, and other operating costs. We truly appreciate your support!

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  • You are invited to build the Missoula Forever Fund—a “savings account” supported by Missoulians, for the benefit of Missoula.

    Missoula is where our friends and family live, where we celebrate special occasions and mark painful ones. It is where we grow, recreate, and find our passion. For these, and for many other reasons, Missoula deserves our sustenance.

    When you invest in the Missoula Forever Fund, you are supporting the future of our entire community. As the endowment grows, the Missoula Community Foundation can provide more and larger grants to the organizations that care for our town.

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  • The Missoula Community Foundation is proud to provide a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating senior at Big Sky, Sentinel, Hellgate, Frenchtown and Seeley-Swan high schools. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist students based on community involvement, character, aptitude, academic interest, and financial need who will be attending post-secondary school in Montana. This allows us to support local educational institutions, enhance students’ career prospects, and encourage talented young people to stay in Montana and become engaged members of their communities.

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  • The Women’s Giving Circle is in its first year of operation, with a goal of offering one grant of $10,000 to a nonprofit that serves women and/or children. The members of the circle are in the process of defining the parameters of future grant cycles. The Women’s Giving Circle is administered by MissoulaCF and the Women’s Foundation of Montana.

    Are you ready to make big change with other likeminded women? You can make a secure online donation by clicking on the button below.

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  • Climate Smart Missoula: Climate Smart Missoula is the hub that fosters partnerships and actions to address climate change in our community. The vision is of a vibrant and resilient Missoula community that has a zero carbon footprint and has the crucial community networks to address climate-related issues in an equitable way

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    Lake Missoula Old Time: The mission of Lake Missoula Old Time (LMOT) is to build community through support and promotion of southern old time music and dance. LMOT organizes and provides music and square dance calling workshops, community dances, concerts, and a signature annual event, the Missoula Old Time Social.

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    Tell Us Something: Tell Us Something brings real people’s real stories to life. Everyday people have a chance to be heard because of Tell Us Something. For the past six years, Tell Us Something has hosted 4-9 storytelling events in Missoula, MT per year to audiences ranging from 250 to 768 people.

    Sponsorship dollars and ticket sales are barely enough to keep Tell Us Something alive. You can donate to help keep the project going.

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    Preserve Historic Missoula: The mission of Preserve Historic Missoula is to educate the citizens of Missoula and Western Montana in the appreciation of the educational, historical, architectural, scientific, and aesthetic significance of their environmental heritage, including historic sites, buildings, structures, objects, and districts and prehistoric sites.

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    Open A.I.R. – Artist in Residency Program: Based in Missoula, MT, Western Montana Creative Initiatives (WMCI) is a creative place-making effort and nonprofit organization that recognizes the importance art plays in establishing healthy and robust communities. The initiative’s mission is to strategically enrich Western Montana’s community through the development of art-based place-making and programmatic development. WMCI has recently launched the pilot program Open A.I.R., an artist in residence program that connects artists to innovative sites in the region. For more information:

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  • The Missoula Community Foundation wants to honor the legacy of Missoulians we have lost.

    The logistics after someone dies can be overwhelming. Families often do not have the time or the space to reflect on how they want to honor a loved one. We want to help in these difficult times.

    Our staff will set up personalized memorial pages where individuals can securely donate online. To set up a page for a loved one or as part of your own legacy planning preparations, contact Nikki Robb at (406) 926-2846 or

Ways to Give

  1. Donate online: Choose one or more funds above. 

  2. Mail your gift to P.O. Box 8806, Missoula, MT 59807.

  3. Donate appreciated stock. If you own appreciated stock, you can avoid the capital gains tax by donating to a nonprofit. It’s easy—we will help you through the process.

  4. Tax advantaged giving. Montana is one of a handful of states to offer a 40% tax credit to folks who donate to qualifying endowments. Contact us to find out how you—and Missoula—can benefit.

  5. Give through your will. You can support our community through the Missoula Forever Fund by including language in your will or living trust such as: “I give, devise and bequeath to Missoula Community Foundation, a nonprofit organization with business address of 508 W. Broadway St., Missoula, MT 59802, and with a tax identification number of 81-0539830, the sum of ____________dollars (or otherwise describe the gift or assets) for the Missoula Forever Fund.”

Is the Missoula Community Foundation already in your will, trust or other estate plans? Thank you! Please let us know about your plans because it helps the Community Foundation plan for the future. Your gift may remain anonymous, if you like.