Lorilee Evans-Lynn Memorial Scholarship

Lorilee Evans-Lynn Memorial Scholarship

25 November 2022

The Missoula Community Foundation is honored to announce the establishment of the Lorilee Evans-Lynn Memorial Scholarship, which honors the memory, work and passion of Lorilee Evans-Lynn. 

Lorilee was the long-time advisor of the literary magazines Aerie Big Sky and founder/advisor of Aerie International during her twenty-nine-year teaching career at Big Sky High School. The scholarship will support graduating seniors at Big Sky High School who have a passion for the creative arts and are pursuing secondary education in that field.

Lorilee and her husband John moved to Missoula in 1980 so she could study under Richard Hugo at the University of Montana, an influence that loomed large for her, and helped to shape her own future as a writer and teacher. She would in turn pass on her own unique perspective to hundreds of students in the creative writing program at Big Sky High School. Lorilee was passionate about writing and put remarkable energy into teaching her students. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2016 at the age of 59 after a very short battle with cancer.

Lorilee’s family came together to open an endowment fund through the Missoula Community Foundation that will support a $1,500 annual scholarship award – as a way to honor Lorilee’s memory and provide a legacy appropriate to the love and energy she poured on those she taught and inspired.

 Big Sky seniors are encouraged to apply here: Lorilee Evans-Lynn Memorial Scholarship.

Donald Carey Memorial Ambassador Award

Donald Carey Memorial Ambassador Award

November 21, 2023

The Missoula Community Foundation, in partnership with the Donald Carey family, is pleased to house the Donald Carey International Choral Ambassador Award Fund – a means to honor Don’s unique contributions to the choral community here in Missoula and throughout the world.

Montana International Choral Festival Founder Don Carey dedicated much of his career to developing students through travel and study abroad.  This award will honor his legacy by supporting Montana students as they travel overseas to join a choir, rehearse with that choir, and then return to Missoula with that choir to experience the magic of the choral festival and experience the unique hospitality only the Garden City can offer during the Montana International Choral Festival. 

Don’s son, Steve Carey, who opened the fund, said, “My Dad understood the power of the human voice to bypass artificial boundaries and enable meaningful connections between people of different cultures.  This award will honor his strong belief that Missoula is a special place where a multitude of voices can flow together to transcend the political and ideological boundaries that separate people from one another.”

Donald Carey founded the Montana International Choral Festival in 1987. He passionately believed in promoting artistic excellence, global understanding, friendship, and goodwill through choral music. If you would like to make a gift to carry out Donald’s legacy you can do so here.

You can read Don’s obituary here.