Women’s Giving Circle 2022 Grant Awarded to Indigenous Made Missoula

Since its formation in 2018, the Women’s Giving Circle of Missoula County has contributed to positive community change by granting $50,000 to local organizations to help pursue projects for the betterment of Missoula.

We are delighted to announce that Indigenous Made Missoula is the recipient of the $10,000 Women’s Giving Circle Grant this year. This Indigenous women-led organization is dedicated to empowering our community by cultivating economic opportunities and creating visibility for a diverse network of Indigenous makers, artists, and talent. Indigenous Made Missoula uplifts established and emerging artists and talent through education, marketing, community building, and culturally-centered events.

They plan to use the $10,000 WGC Grant to establish the Indigenous Art & Talent Network which will support established and emerging artists to effectively increase their economic success by providing access to education, marketing, community building, and creating access to resources, supplies, and opportunities. Through the network, Indigenous Made Missoula will develop strong relationships with both artists and consumers allowing opportunities for unity and growth in our community.

“Art is the greatest asset Indian people have in our communities, yet it is the most underdeveloped.” 

Elouise Cobell, Blackfeet 1945-2011

The other two impressive finalists and recipients of $1,000 grants are The American Indian Women’s Book Club, a program of All Nations Health Center, and Seedlings 4 Solidarity.