Missoula Gives Beer Collaboration

Missoula Community Foundation, Imagine Nation Brewing Co.launch 2022 Missoula Gives; BEE the Change Honey Pale Ale hits shelves and taps today

Missoula, MT- Missoula Community Foundation has partnered with Imagine Nation Brewing Co. to offer a little something extra this year as the foundation gears up for Missoula Gives May 5 and 6. Bee the Change Honey Pale Ale hits local shelves and taps today to raise awareness of the annual community fundraising event that raised more than $1.2M in 2021.

“We are so excited to partner with Imagine Nation on this launch,” said Marcy Allen, executive director of Missoula Community Foundation. “The Missoula Community Foundation and Imagine Nation Brewing have giving back at the core of our work and this collaboration feels like a natural fit.”

(From left to right) Robert Rivers, Polly, Fernanda M.B. Krum, and Toby Benjamin.

More than 180 nonprofits will set individual goals and promote their mini-fundraising campaigns during Missoula Gives this year with a collective goal of raising more than $1.5 M for Missoula area nonprofits.

“Missoula Gives relies on a deep sense of community and philanthropy,” Allen said. “And no one embodies that more than Fernanda and Robert and the team at Imagine Nation Brewing. We’re so grateful for their support.”

Imagine Nation Brewing Co., known for its deep community ties and for supporting nonprofit organizations from the sale of its short-run ales, will donate all profits from Bee the Change Honey Ale to Missoula Gives stretch pool. This collaboration is a little bittersweet for owners Fernanda Menna Barreto Krum and Robert Rivers as this may be one of their last as owners of the brewery they’ve worked hard to build.

“When we started the brewery we wanted to create a space where dialogue and community conversation were as important as the beer we were brewing,” said Krum. “We wanted to fuel social change by bringing people together to joyfully address the challenges of our time.”

And they have done just that. Imagine Nation Brewing Co. is a center for community transformation that has hosted more than 4,100 events at its West Broadway, riverfront location, it has supported more than 500 organizations and has given back an average of 25% of its profits to the community. After 7 years in Missoula and with rich memories of all of the people they’ve met here, Krum and Rivers are feeling pulled to return to what they call their “life’s work” – helping people in conflict zones across the world. As they navigate the final details of their leaving – the sale of the brewery and their legacy – the collaboration with Missoula Community Foundation seemed a perfect one on which to take a final bow.

“We have hosted Missoula Gives celebration parties and have always applauded them for their approach of supporting other organizations through the work they do. We see the increase in their impact through Missoula Gives and we are beyond honored to be the ones whom they thought to partner with on this project,” Krum said. “This is our chance to give back to Missoula Gives and the Missoula Community Foundation as a whole.”

You can purchase the beer at our partners Imagine Nation Brewing, Good Food Store, Pattee Creek Market, and Worden’s Market. Drink beer and give back. To participate in Missoula and Bitterroot Gives visit Missoulagives.org and find one of the over 180 organizations that match your passion.

The  Missoula Community Foundation’s, mission is to enhance community vitality by inspiring community giving and strengthening nonprofits in the focus areas of education, arts and culture, and community care.  We do this work through our programs, services, and fund management.  We envision a thriving, engaged, and inclusive community.

Imagine Nation Brewing is the country’s first combination of microbrewery and center for community transformation. Through innovative beers, a celebratory atmosphere, a riverfront beer garden, and a vibrant community center, INBC addresses the critical challenges of our time and supports people in their own transformation so they are better prepared to authentically connect and transform the world around them.